Affordable Alternatives to Walk in Bathtubs

Are you missing the luxury of bubble baths or relaxing soaks due to an inaccessible or uncomfortable bathtub? A long soak after a hard day is definitely an indulgence that many people take for granted.

Those who deal with the day to day pains of stiff joints or impaired balance find the tall walls and low floor of a traditional bathtub a cumbersome risk, but the cost of a walk in bathtub is so prohibitively expensive that many homeowners could not take action no matter how much they love a bath and a good book.

The good news is that walk in bathtub alternatives do exist. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a soak in the tub, a good variety of options to suit any budget. We have time to cover two of the most popular walk in bathtub alternatives – we hope one of these configurations is the solution that will help you enjoy a more comfortable and convenient bathing experience.

Every option has advantages and disadvantages, and not every adaptation configuration will fit every condition or lifestyle. Let the following alternatives serve as inspiration for your own bathroom modification journey.

Bath Lift and Transfer Slider + Bench

A bath lift is a slim chair that attaches to the bottom of your bathtub via suction cup, which raises or lowers to match the height of the tub walls at the push of a button. They do not allow for complete submersion but it is a cost-effective option and it’s not permanent so it is a good solution for renters.

Some people use their bath lift without a transfer slider and bench but others find the combination very convenient – this equipment configuration gives you the ability to glide over the edge and onto the bench outside the tub. You can enter and exit your bath without ever standing up or bending your knees excessively.

Walk in Tub Conversion Kit

For people who own their own home or rent from a very lenient property owner, we suggest going the conversion route to save money and hassle. Standard walk in bathtub conversion kits require the removal of a portion of the bathtub side wall, leaving a small lip that keeps shower water inside. This is not the right type of conversion kit necessary to enable bathing again but the construction is very similar in terms of installation.

The type of conversion kit you need includes a watertight door. You open the door to allow easy tub access, and close it before filling for a long soak. You’ll want to add grab bars or even a bath lift so that you can sit and stand easily. There are many types of grab bars, including overhead ones, to make the process easier.

Are you getting excited about the possibilities? The ability to take a bubble bath independently and with confidence is a great relief. It’s one of the greatest ways to relax after a stressful day. We hope you are feeling inspired enough to tackle that bathroom renovation project so that your next bath can be a safe and convenient one.

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